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Specializing in Residential Roofing Solutions throughout Northern Colorado

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Westers Roofing

Westers Roofing works on all types of roofs throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and their vicinities.


Brown shingle roof

We use only the highest quality materials to install new roofs and replace problem roofing.


Quality Workmanship Since 1999

Westers Roofing Inc. is a locally-owned and operated, full-service roofing company specializing in residential roofing projects. Homeowners throughout Northern Colorado have relied on John Westers and Westers Roofing to provide them with an array of superior roofing solutions.

We have built our reputation for reliable, top-quality service through years of experience and training, and we continually strive to higher levels of craftsmanship for all of our customers. Rather than simply try to sell you a new roofing, we prefer to appraise each roofing project on it's own merit and give specific advice based on the situation -- thinking outside the box often times.

We recognize that a entire new roof, or even a small roof repair, is a major homeowner investment. That's why we’ve got you covered!

When you choose Westers Roofing,
you are guaranteed a professional,
reliable team committed to your project.




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